Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Where has the month gone?  I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since I last posted!  I have several projects laying around just half done, so I promise, there IS one coming soon.  But first I have to show off my precious little Maggie, who's been with me exactly one year now. At the beginning of the month, I came home one day to find a squirrel perched on the curtain rod above the crate that she stays in when I'm gone.  I have a neighbor who criticizes me for caging Maggie, but I have never been so glad she was safe from the rampages of that squirrel on that day.  There were knicknacks broken everywhere, including oriental antique plates, and picture frames knocked off the piano, but my Maggie was safe.  I opened the patio door, grabbed Maggie, and ran upstairs to safety.  I saved my Maggie from the wild beasts!  Of course, I had to call Critter Control, only to find out that the squirrels were coming in the roof vent, climbing down between the walls, and coming out the hole in my laundry room.  He managed to trap four of them on the roof, but the roof repair man was sitting in my driveway when I came home a week later and said he couldn't go up on the roof to fix it because there was a squirrel in a trap up there.  He said he had visions of me coming home to find him flat on his back on the ground with squirrel bites and scratches all over him.  Really?  A squirrel attack by a trapped squirrel?  Could that be as bad as a bear attack? On the roof no less?  Lucky for him, Critter Control came by shortly to remove the trap so he could get his work done. 
So now that Maggie and I are safe again, Mom is home from the hospital and recuperating nicely,  the roof is fixed, and the dishes are done from Mom and Dad's birthday dinner, it's back to the crafting table I go..........


  1. Adorable photos! Both are such cuties :) So glad you got the critters under control...How scary!

  2. Gerlinde, time just flys by for me too.

  3. oh my! what an adventure (yuck!) Glad your mom is recovering, that your roof is repaired, and Attack Squirrel is no longer residing in your home! What a mess! Maggie is sweet as can be! Just like you!